Palm Springs International Airport (PSP)
Car Parking

(Palm Springs, California - CA, USA)

Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) has three parking lots situated opposite the terminal building. The rates are the same for each lot, any of which may be used for either short-term or long-term parking. The parking lots feature 24-hour security, bright lighting and patrolling guards to ensure the safety of both vehicles and visitors.

PSP has a convenient pickup / drop-off area situated immediately outside the terminal building. Disabled visitors will find designated car parking spaces conveniently located near to the most easily accessed points of the terminal; airport staff can provide wheelchairs and assistance upon request.

You can pay your parking fee by either cash or by credit card. The parking lot exit gates accept all major credit cards. The following list details further information on airport car parking at Palm Springs Washington International (PSP).

Lot A

Lot A is positioned nearest to the terminal building and is therefore the most popular for parking lot for short-term visitors. Most of the disabled parking spaces are provided here, located near to the crosswalks that provide access to the terminal.

Lot B

Separated from Lot A by an access road, Lot B is positioned slightly farther away from the main terminal entrance, but is still convenient for most users.

Lot C

Lot C is the farthest parking lot from the terminal building and therefore most frequently used for long-term parking. Even though it is the farthest lot from the terminal, it is still a quick walk for most passengers.


Although all parking lots have spaces reserved for the disabled, most visitors with impaired mobility will want to use the spaces in Lot A, which are conveniently located nearest to the crosswalks that lead directly to the terminal. Disabled passengers can also be picked-up and dropped-off immediately outside the terminal building in a special zone. Airport staff can provide wheelchairs and assistance upon request.

Palm Springs Airport PSP

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